Screen-print and graphic design

   Our history with silk-screen printing started more than 12 years ago in very very limited and handicraft conditions. We insolated our first screen exposing it to the sunbeams and developing it later in the bath-tube. Following the idea of `do-it-yourself’, little by little we discovered the misteries of insolation, development, printing and the separation of colours. Today we work with an carousel with microregistration, which allows us to print designs in up to four colours. The light box and mesh stretcher machine that we are using in the workshop are made by ourselves.

   We still are craftsmen untill today, because we really like what we are doing. We like the honesty towards ourselves and the attention towards all the little details, no matter if the order we work on is a big or a small one. We also try to be aware of the environment and our health and thats why we exclusivly work with ecologic inks.
Silk-screen printing is the oldest and most durable technology in textile printing, like it also is the cheapest and most lucrative one, if you want to print more than 20 copies. We offer a wide selection of tints (metallic, fluorescent, discharge…).

Our usual delivery-term is 7 days, but more than once we had to print and deliver huge amounts of t-shirts in 48 hours. This happens, when bands are touring and suddenly run out of t-shirts before they get to Barcelona, so they call us to help them out.

   We print on Gildon, Fruit of the Loom, BC, Russel and Westford Mill, as we also do on articles delivered by the clients, but what we really recomand is printing on t-shirts 100% organic cotton with a `Fair wear Foundation’ certificate.(A foundation dedicated to the improvement of working conditions).

Delivery by bike is for free all over Barcelona City.